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Have Your Next Party Outside

Have Your Next Party Outside


10 Great Events You Can Throw Outdoors

Thinking of throwing an outdoor soiree our backyard bash? There’s nothing quite like a celebrating a special event outdoors. So many different types of events lend themselves to outdoor settings. When you’re planning for one of the following events, take time to consider how great it would be to have your gathering outside.

Birthdays: whether it’s a party for your child, or a special birthday celebration for a friend or loved one, an outdoor birthday party is fun for all ages. Keep your guests outside and enjoy the great weather at your next birthday extravaganza.

Weddings: Consider a picturesque, affordable and unique outdoor ceremony when planning your big day. Outdoor weddings offer unique settings, endless decorating opportunities and provide the opportunity to throw a special event that you and your guests will not soon forget.

Wedding or Baby Shower: A Shower is a truly special day that signifies a big change in a loved ones life. Take the party outside and enjoy the day with some fun in the sun. Your shower will be one for the memory books with family and friends coming together to celebrate that new baby or an upcoming wedding. An outdoor shower allows for unlimited decorating options because of the flexibility your natural setting. Consider having the party in your backyard and save some money in the process too.

Anniversaries: Celebrating a special anniversary this upcoming year? Nothing says “I love you” like throwing a surprise anniversary celebration in your backyard. There’s nothing better than celebrating the bond you’ve formed with your loved one right in the comfort of your own home.

Holiday Parties: This year, plan your Independence Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day or other holiday parties outside. No one wants to be indoors when the weathers beautiful. Break out the BBQ, light a fire and party into the evening. Nothing like celebrating a great American holiday with good food, great drinks and a beautiful setting.

Family Reunions: Getting together with your extended family but don’t have enough room in the house? Invite everyone to party in the backyard. Play some games, catch up with loved ones and enjoy those people who mean the most.

Graduation Parties: As the school year comes to a close, throw your grad a party to celebrate their achievements and hard work throughout the school year. Hosting a graduation party shows your young student that you’re proud of their achievements and gives them the opportunity to celebrate their accomplishments. But keep those young partygoers outside if your looking to keep your house clean!

Religious Event: Whether it’s a Baptism or Communion, Bar or Bat Mitzvah, religious events in your young one’s life signal a coming of age. But there’s still time for fun and there’s no better way to celebrate than throwing a party in your backyard. Invite your family and friends and enjoy your child’s big day all in the comfort of your own home.

Charity Events: Have a special cause or fundraiser? Hold your charity or fundraiser outside and your guests will thank you. It’s important to ensure your guests are comfortable, well fed and enjoying themselves. After all, the longer they stay, the more likely they’ll be to donate to your cause.

Company Parties: Why not leave the office behind and have your next company event outside. Nothing puts guests at ease like changing settings for a special event. Company parties are a time to celebrate your team’s hard work and a way to say thank-you to those who work so hard for your organization. Make sure your next event is one that your coworkers remember.

Outdoor parties are a fun, scenic and affordable way to host a special gathering. They offer endless possibilities and provide the space needed to accommodate larger groups of people. But when planning your outdoor party, its important to make sure your guests are comfortable, and that they’re protected from the elements. A to Z Rentals offers a variety of tent rentals and outdoor party accommodations to make sure your partygoers enjoy your next big outdoor event. Speak to our event rental specialists for a free consultation and start planning your party today!

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