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Outdoor Party Idea’s For Fall & Winter

Outdoor Party Idea's For Fall & Winter

Considering throwing a party this fall or winter but don’t have the space? What about throwing an unforgettable, unconventional gathering under an outdoor party tent?

The weather may be getting cooler but there are many ways that you are able to utilize outdoor space for your next event. A tent with side flaps and heaters would make the ideal setting for some out of the box, outdoor seasonal party ideas for fall & winter! Why not consider hosting one of the following events outside:

Engagement Party

Thanksgiving to Valentine’s Day is the height of the engagement season. While love fills the air, engagement parties are a fun way to celebrate with family and friends. Hosting an engagement party in an outdoor tent makes for an affordable event. The unique setting will make it an unforgettable get toether for those who attend and the fact that its outside will allow you to scale the amount of partygoers you can accommodate, based on your needs.


When thinking about fall fun get togethers, consider a traditional Oktoberfest party. An outdoor autumn party held annually in Germany (or in your backyard), Oktoberfest is an annual event which features fun, food, beer-drinking and a festive atmosphere. With the potential to get messy, its best to consider throwing your Oktoberfest party outside. An outdoor tent rental can accommodate party goers and make clean up much easier by keeping foot traffic in the house to a minimum.

Wine/beer/cheese tasting

There are some things that are just meant to go together! A wine and cheese pairing/tasting event along with a party tent is a great way to experience the festive fall air. Enjoy the company of your guests along with a glass of wine paired with some of the most delicious cheeses. Decorated with bails of hay and flowers a tent truly sets the stage for a pairing event.

Petting Zoo Party

The Autumn Birthday season is here! What better way to celebrate than to throw a backyard barn party under a tent! Petting zoo parties are huge in the fall. Make it extra special for your child and top it off under the big top with a tent!

Corporate events, Fundraisers, Awards Ceremony, Employee recognition party & Christmas Party

Bring all of your employees together and host your next corporate event under a lavish tent. With many different sized tent rentals to choose from, your guests will be comfortable

Halloween costume party

Why not decorate a tent for Halloween and a Halloween Masquerade Ball. A tent festively decorated and illuminated can be the ideal eerie Halloween backdrop for your Halloween costume party.  How about a haunted house right in your own backyard?


Dining room table too small to fit all of your friends? No problem! Create an impact and invite your family and friends for a Thanksgiving get together. Get everyone under the same roof, or tent, and enjoy Thanksgiving just like the pilgrims did!

Tailgate Party/Sporting Events

Have sports fans over and keep the mess outside! With Football season here, how about rounding your family and friends up for an outdoor football party under a tent! Former customers have setup TVs under the covered space

An outdoor tent can be the ideal spot for most any party. Most think that you’re forced to have your events inside when the weather gets colder. But with sidewalls and heaters, tents can create a unique atmosphere that warm and dry, as the weather gets colder. There really are no limits when it comes to planning. If you’re considering throwing a truly special outdoor event this fall or winter, A to Z Rentals has tents and party rentals to suit all of your needs. We would be happy to discuss planning your upcoming special event with you!


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