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Staying Cool at Your Outdoor Event

Staying Cool at Your Outdoor Event

Summer…a great time to throw a party! As the weather turns warmer and you’re thinking about your next outdoor event, your first thought may be… “What if it rains?”  But you really should be asking yourself, “What if it’s extremely hot and sunny?” Too much sun can quickly dehydrate guests, lead to potential sunburns and at the very least, make folks extremely uncomfortable.

No one likes standing out in the sun for long periods of time. Guests can quickly turn irritable making your party experience, not very fun. If it’s a formal event, guests will likely be wearing suits, gowns and generally heavy attire. Formal wear and afternoon sun don’t mix well. We also can’t forget about the safety and comfort elder guests who will be attending the party either! They’ll often be affected by direct sun more quickly than others and may also have medical reasons why they need to avoid the heat.

So what’s a responsible party host to do? Renting a party tent allows you to shield your guests from the suns rays while providing and setting for party goers of all ages to congregate and enjoy the gathering.

On those really hot days, you may need to even go a step further to keep your guests cool.

Putting fans or a cooling system in place under your party tent will help with air circulation, helping to cool friends and family. If you’re thinking about adding sidewalls to your tent, talk to your installer about ventilation options, windows and retractable sidewall flaps. Take advantage of fans that are specialized for tents. Your installer knows how to create proper ventilation under the tent to ensure the air keeps moving and attendees stay cool. Another possibility is portable air conditioning units specially designed for tents. These allow your tent to be climate controlled, essentially bringing all the benefits of inside, outside.

Moving air not only keeps guests comfortable but it also keeps the bugs away; its a known fact! Which brings us to our next tip; keep food out of the sun! The last thing you want is your cheese display filled with bugs and sweaty while your cake melts into a puddle of mush.  Creating a shelter for food will help keep your things tasting good well into the evening.

It’s also very important to provide your guests with an ample amount of cold drinks! Coolers, with plenty of ice help keep bottles and cans cold no matter how hot it gets. For adults, that means more than just ensuring you have copious amounts of alcohol. Water, soda and fruit juice will help to keep party goers going all day long. Serve the children ices, snow cones, water and punch! Or how about setting up a little lemonade stand! Have some fun with your drink choices  and your guests with thank you for it.

One final tip: let your guests know how to dress based on the theme of your party…

Some Summer Themes Include:

  • Outdoor Garden Party
  • Clam Bake
  • Barbecue
  • Pool Party
  • Bonfire
  • Luau
  • White Party

Regardless of the type of party you are hosting, yourself and your guests should be comfortable! It’s about kicking, back, having fun and enjoying time with those you care about. Renting a tent will give your event the insurance it needs against whatever elements may be a part of your special day! Happy Planning!

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