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How to Arrange Tables For a Wedding Or An Event

How to Arrange Tables For a Wedding Or An Event
Taking the time to establish a seating arrangement for your upcoming Wedding or Gala help to create the ideal atmosphere for your guests. The layout you choose, will set the vibe and flow of your whole event, so having a plan when it comes to seating layout is important. If you’re renting tables and chairs, it’s always a good idea to determine your floor plan ahead of time so that you have a better understanding of the space you’ll be working with.
Some of the more popular table arrangements to consider for your upcoming wedding or event include:


This is primarily used when the main goal is mingling, communication and guest interaction.  This is an unstructured event area where chairs are minimal and high tables are encouraged for the defied area. This space allows for stations where guests will gather around and mingle with cocktails in hand while small bites and appetizers are passed.  These high tables do not require seating however could pair well with high stools. 


The Imperial Table layout makes for a beautiful option for entertaining and dining events.  Rectangular tables are lined to create one grand long table which can create rows, a U shape, or whatever shape you envision.  It creates a sleek look and allows for more space and configuration with a more grandeur look and feel. Envision long banquet tables with high centerpieces lining your tent!


This layout is great for formal events such as Weddings, Engagements, Celebrations, Corporate Parties and Galas. It allows guests to be seated around the table facing towards each other to allow for an easy conversation. Seating allows anywhere up to __ (insert how many, not sure of the size of their tables) guests to sit comfortably.


Providing a versatile seating area makes an event fun and allows guests to sit at either round tables or rectangular tables.  Sometimes differently shaped tables allows you to utilize a space better and accommodate more guests under your tent rental.  It also adds an added design element by mixing the two shapes.


Incorporating a lounge area is a new trend for events and galas- creating a defined area offers a paramount area for cocktails or after hours entertaining.  Placing a bar and providing lounge seating with coffee tables creates a casual space that puts the emphasis on fun and engaging.  
Helpful things to keep in mind while planning your event:
  • The use of different layouts allows for more space under the tent.  Some layouts are able to better accommodate more seating while utilizing space and keeping a more open feel overall
  • Consider accessibility to and around tables
  • Round tables come in different sizes and accommodate a different number of guests. Different tables may allow for more seating room
  • If possible seat less at a table. This will allow your guests to have more elbow room and will fill the event out should you not have many guests to fill the tent
  • Consider all of your options and consult with an event planner

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