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Can I Rent a Tent In the Wintertime?

Can I Rent a Tent In the Wintertime?

Have you been considering an outdoor event this winter or dreaming of that white winter wedding?

The first thing you might be asking yourself may be:

Is it possible to keep a tent warm in the cold winter months?

Great news.. the answer is, yes!

Tents have the ability to transform your frozen backyard into a warm and inviting oasis.  Wintertime can bring rain, snow, sleet and slush. Setting up a tent in such conditions does come with obstacles that you do not have to consider in during the warmer months; such as snow removal prior to tent installation and a frozen ground. However, it can and is done regularly.

Some things to consider when planning an outdoor event in the wintertime would be to make sure you have the right equipment to protect your guests from the elements. This includes a sturdy tent with sidewalls and doorways; sidewalls can include windows if desired.

Renting an adequate number of heaters for your party space will keep your guests comfortable and can be determined by the size of the tent rental and the number of guests attending. You local rental company can often provide specialized tent heaters to ensure guests stay warm and toasty in your outdoor oasis.

At the entrance point of the tent, you may want to consider including a buffer tent; which is basically a tent placed outside of a tent.  It creates an entrance area and would keep the cold air out of the main tent. It also adds to the vibe of the party by creating a grand entrance point.  If you do choose to create an entrance area, if the ground is soggy, slushy, or you just want to make it fancier; consider laying down a weather mat or entrance rug/runner to add to the overall feel and appearance. You guests will also be able to wipe their shoes before entering the main party tent.

Some other things to consider when planning an outdoor event would be to make your guests are aware that the party will be hosted outside. This can be stated in the formal invitation or by word of mouth. A designated space for guests coats, i.e.,: a coat rack or coat check at the event is also a nice touch so guests don’t have to carry their coats or drape them on the backs of their chairs ruining your parties overall appeal.

Despite the elements and challenges that they bring, A-Z Party Rentals can setup your next party tent,  and supply everything beneath, in all of the months of the year. Call us today and speak with one of our party planning specialists to get your party started.

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