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Dance Floor Options For Party Tents

Dance Floor Options For Party Tents

A dance floor is a must have for any outdoor party with a DJ or band. It provides an opportunity for party goers to cut loose and creates an atmosphere that ties your whole outdoor event together.

Outdoor wedding receptions and outdoor events without alternate rain plans should consider flooring for their tent rental.  We can control many things in life, however weather will never be one of them.  Placement of a floor keeps your guests feet dry and allows for women to walk more comfortably in heels without sinking. It completes the look and really dresses up the whole event.

Should you not opt for full flooring under your tent rental, you should consider a dance floor to create a space for your guests to dance the night away. Factor in how many of your guests that you think will be dancing and the area of space available when choosing an appropriate sized floor. If you are having your event in the evening, the lighting under your tent rental will play well off of the dance floor and act as a centerpiece to your party.  Many lighting options now include special monograms to include your initials which would display beautifully on the dance floor.

A floor can usually be put down on any flat surface, i.e. grass, sand, asphalt, carpet, etc; and will help with uneven and rough spaces that have dips and divots.

A good estimate of space you’ll need for your dance floor is around 9 sq ft per couple or about 4.5 ft per guest. So if your party has 200 guests. 40%, or 80 guests, could be on the dance floor at any given time. This means you should plan for a 400 square foot dance floor for this party, or a 20 x 20 dance floor.

There are several different flooring options in which you could choose from to best suit your needs. Some of the newest options include black and white dance floors, finished wood dance floors, wood sub floors, oak parquet dance floors and a floor lock system.  With all of these different varieties to choose from there is sure to be one in the budget to complete your outdoor reception.

 A-Z offers a wide variety of dance floors ideal for your guests to create memories on at your outdoor party. No matter what the surface to be covered, our dance floors will be sure to set the stage and the whole tone of your special outdoor event.  If there is no defined space to dance on at wedding events, guests simply won’t dance! One of our experts at A-Z will be able to advise you on what size tent rental and dance floor you should choose to accommodate your guests at your outdoor event to make it a memorable one.

If you will not be having musical entertainment, consider a floor rental to set our table rentals on top of rather than setting them in the grass to give your outdoor event a more completed and sophisticated look and feel. Setting down a floor will also keep bugs and mosquitos from your guests legs and allow for tables and chairs to be even and glide smoothly.

From your initial invitation, the comfort of your guests is our top priority.

It is truly amazing what one special night with one exceptional tent rental and dance floor can do to bring everyone together!

Our competitive pricing allows for the perfect sized tent rental and dance floor to accommodate your guests for your memorable outdoor event!

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