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How to Set and Organize Party Tables

How to Set and Organize Party Tables

Planning an event but not sure where to start? 

Every party has some sort of theme, and table settings are a great way to carry that out.  One of the most important features while hosting guests at your party is how you set the table.  It’s where your guests will spend the most time and it is what their eyes are drawn as they enter the party space. This is where your creativity comes to play and where your vision can truly come to life. You can be bold or casual, classic or chic; the possibilities are endless and the outcome is completely up to you! 


Rustic is the new black, along with farm to table! You can set a rustic scene easily by using long tables, burlaps, white accents, olive greens and cream colors. Layering fabrics along the table and chairs add depth and warmth to the event. Renting chargers to place under your dinnerware rentals would be additional, but would make a huge visual impact on the place setting. Large mason jars are perfect for lining the center of the table with a flower bouquet; which could be adorned by some twine and tied in to a bow.  Using a cream colored paper cut into rectangles, fold and write guests names in a handwritten script for a simple yet rustic feel for table seating cards and placement arrangements. 

Causal and Spontaneous

Throwing a last minute party and not sure how to tie it all together? Use color! It’s the easiest and quickest way to pull together an event in no time.  Tie your event together by choosing a color theme; you can then add in balloons, chargers, linens and napkins rentals.  


Be sure to pull out all the stops for this event.  Choosing the best stemware rentals along with elegant and classic table settings will complete a grand look.  Tabletops decorated with elaborate centerpieces give a party that “formal vibe”.  For the centerpieces and arrangements, displays with either low or high flowers are favorable.  Consider multiple arrangements for a longer table, or arranging a pattern of low, and high arrangements offsetting to give the event some dimension.
When deciding on how to serve your guests; buffets are best for small parties with less than 25 guests or so.  However, when seating a larger number of guests, it is very important that they have specific areas to sit. Partygoers feel more comfortable knowing where they are going to be sitting. Taking the time to choose where they sit exhibits that the host put extra effort in to making sure their guests are comfortable. So why not create a seating arrangement and really “wow” your guests. While determining where guests should sit, try categorizing some of the tables; i.e.: a parents table, a cousins table, a best friends table, children table, etc. Not only will this help to give everyone a designated spot, but also it allows for the wait staff to take orders accordingly and place the food in the appropriate spots when its time to be served. This will help to keep your event orderly. When guests move around, it make’s serving entrees a bit more confusing and chaotic.  

The best piece of advice would be to have your seating arrangements completed at least a week or so prior to the event to ensure you can focus on other elements of the party. The layout may be challenging at first, but by planning your tables carefully and efficiently, it will allow your guests to converse and mingle while enjoying the celebration to their full potential.

The types of table rentals available for your event are endless. But your decision should ultimately depend on the number of your guests and the available space you have to work with. Round tables tend to be very popular.  They offer space for everyone to see each other; and depending upon the size of the actual table rental they can typically accommodate anywhere from 6-12 guests each.  

Sometimes space is limited under your tent rental; for this situation rectangular shaped tables may be ideal.  Longer tables would allow for better utilization of the space while accommodating the most number of guests.  They are able to work with any given space and can be configured in to many different layouts. Some ideas include: lining the perimeter of the room with tables, making a “U” shape with the tables, placing tables next to each other in rows, or even staggering or placing the table rentals accordingly and exactly where you would like them to be.

Table Layouts to Consider

U Shaped: This is generally configuring tables to resemble the letter  “U”. Chairs are placed on the outside perimeter and facing inwards creating a dancing area or stage in the center.  This setup creates the ability for guests to move around the center.  This shape is best used when events are primarily focused on the entertainment of the night.  This layout is also very popular for young audiences such as Sweet 16’s and Bar and Bat Mitzvah’s.  It allows guests to focus on the entertainment, DJ, and candle lighting ceremony of the cake. 

Banquet layouts: are for events that are more formal.  They consist of guests sitting at round tables staggered throughout the room.  As mentioned earlier, round tables can seat anywhere from 6-12 guests.  The amount of guests you seat at each table is completely up to you. But remember to make decisions based on how much space you have to work with at your event.     

Imperial Layout: This option is perfect for larger groups of guests.  Imperial layout is preferred for larger gatherings, events and dinners because it helps to save so much space. Your table’s are placed end to end and can be two, three or however many you decide. These tables create long rows and give the event a grand effect, especially when your guests look all the way down the tables. It gives a very regal feel to any event. 

Some things to keep in mind:

Utilize the right seating arrangement that will maximize your floor space. Any additional tables added will reduce the room and overall space.  Try different configurations until you get one on paper that is best suited for your party. 

Remember to consider your guests comfort and elbowroom around the table, as well as accessibility.  Stuffing guests into a table will ultimately lead to unhappy partygoers. Don’t forget your VIP’s: Traditional head tables are typically long tables seating the most important guests of the night.


The possibilities are endless with how you decorate and layout your tent and table rentals. They are your blank canvas to get creative with!  No two events are ever alike. Understanding your theme ahead of time and how to set your table accordingly will pay off the night of your big event. Our planners would be happy to talk about your vision for your next event. Call us today to organize your next party rental with our helpful tent and event rental specialists! 


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