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Layout Your Party Tent Space

Layout Your Party Tent Space

If you are going to be hosting a wedding or other backyard event under a tent, it’s important to plan your tent layout ahead of time.

First, let’s think about the guest list, and what type of event you’ll be having. Are your guests going to be plated and served or will you be opting for a buffet? Will you have passed hors d’oeuvres while guests roam the tent freely, or maybe even a cocktail bar and a lounge area?

Write down all the different stations that you’d like to have. You’ll also need to have a good handle on how many guests will tent layoutbe coming. This will dictate the how many tables you’ll need. Ask for the sizes of all the furniture that you’ll be renting. Grab a pencil and paper and you can begin to sketch out different layouts. Graph paper works especially well for this as it allows you to keep items more in scale.

It’s important to consider what your options are as far as tables, a dance floor and the different stations. Tables come in all sorts of shapes and sizes allowing you to can maximize useable space under the tent. When configuring your layout, make sure to review table sizes and shapes with your party rental company. Traditional round tables have been very popular due to their flexibility. However, many party planners have been opting lately to configure party spaces with square and/or rectangle tables. It makes a different use of space for your guests to carry an easier conversation.  Decorating each tabletop a little differently can also give added impact as well. For example, decorating square tables with low centerpieces and long tables with high centerpieces.

If you are planning on incorporating a dance floor you’ll need to build around that. Typically a dance floor is at the center of a party tent because it takes up the most space. It allows partygoers to watch their friends and family dance while enjoying a tent layoutdrink and an appetizer. A seated lounge area tucked away from the dance floor gives an added effect and allows guests to lounge in a relaxed and intimate area. You will also want to allow space for head tables, buffet tables, dance floors, bars, lounge area, bands/stage, photo booth, cake table, and gift tables.

One configuration to consider would be to set the tables in a U shape around the dance floor to ensure that there is not a bad seat under the tent. Placing the dance floor in the center of the tent allows the band, entertainment or DJ to be up front and center. Placing a bar adjacent to the entertainment on both sides and then filling the floor with tables around the dance floor and a head table across the dance floor from the entertainment allows for a nice flow. Reception seating truly has the ability to transform the whole look and feel of the venue.  If you can’t decide on which style tables to use, why not use them all? Incorporating round square and rectangle tables can fulfill all of your seating arrangements.

A tent is really a blank canvas that can be transformed into pretty much anything you can dream up. Lighting, decorations, linens and accessories can set the space and create a magical event. But a not that well thought out space will leave your guests bumping into one another and make your partygoers uncomfortable. So take some time to plan your space. Your guests will thank you.


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