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Planning an Outdoor Wedding In the Winter

Planning an Outdoor Wedding In the Winter


Thinking of having a winter wedding but worried it can’t be done? Despite freezing weather, cold temperatures and the threat of sleet, rain or snow, wintertime can create a beautiful backdrop for any outdoor wedding. You can even use the conditions to your advantage when planning your big day.

The white snow, cuddling up with a fuzzy blanket and sipping hot cocoa are all favorite pastimes on a cold winter day. Why not incorporate these winter favorites into your special day.

If you’re considering a winter wedding, we have a few suggestions to make your day one you and you’re guests will remember.

Stay Warm and Cover Up

Winter weather can be downright bone chilling. That’s why the most important element of any winter wedding is ensuring your guests have warmth and shelter. Modern tent rentals offer all the advantages of the outdoors while creating a warm, dry shelter for your guests to enjoy, no matter what Mother Nature has in store.

Tent rentals come with many accessories and add-ons, providing the comfort and safety of the indoors, while allowing the scenic beauty of an outdoor setting.

Tent rentals can come with HVAC control. These systems will allow you to keep your tent as warm or cold as you choose.

There are many different sizes and configurations for your tent. These allow for versatility based on you head count or outdoor venue.

Tents can come with flooring. This will keep your guests feet off the cold ground while creating extra warmth inside the structure.

Clear panel sidewalls keep the heat in while allowing the guests an unobstructed view of the picturesque surroundings.

These features are a must have for any outdoor wedding. Most wont be able to stand the cold for long and its important to ensure safe conditions for your party guests during any winter wedding.

Incorporate the Outdoors into Your Theme

A winter themed wedding set in a picturesque setting can truly create a winter wonderland for your party. Just think of the photo opportunities available to you in your wedding party using the outdoors as your backdrop. Wintertime can set a magical tone for your whole event.

Consider using white, silver and blue colors to decorate the inside of your tent. Twinkle lights, Christmas lights and uplighting can create magical moods under the tent. Work to include winter features such as branches as centerpieces, an ice sculpture and fake snow as part of the décor. Bringing the outside in will help to transform your space and create a unique décor for the whole party to enjoy.

Embrace the elements

Even though winter may be your favorite season, certain guests may not enjoy it as much as you. Have a little fun with the uniqueness of your day. There are a few items you can provide your guests that might change their mind about spending the day outside in the middle of winter.

Hand out mittens to guests as they enter the reception area.

Customized lip balm or Chap Stick with the wedding date and names of the bride and groom is a nice keepsake for those attending.

Provide some warm blankets around seating areas for guests to snuggle under.

Hand out fuzzy socks. The contrast of fuzzy socks and formal wedding attire is sure to create some laughs.

These are just a few ideas to get you thinking. There are countless ways to embrace the season when planning for your bug day.

Keep Those Bellies Warm

The uniqueness of your event will allow you to incorporate things into the party guests might not see in summer. Make it memorable for not only you, but for your guests as well.

Add a photo both outside with winter props. Guests can have fun while capturing the big day with a photo.

Setup some fire pits outside. Fire pits will provide an opportunity for your guests to warm up, roast marshmallows and engage in some lively conversation. . Ensure they are a safe distance from the tent or any other structure. Safety always comes first whenever fire is involved. It’s a good idea to keep some fire extinguishers readily available as well.


Winter Wedding Not For You?

A winter wedding is not for everybody. It takes special coordination, logistics and planning. It also presents a unique set of challenges to those arranging the event. For those who don’t enjoy the cold, a destination wedding is always an option. Choose the perfect spot based on how you envision your big day. Winter offers many options when planning your most special of events. Embrace the season and let your imagination run wild with all of the possibilities at hand.



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