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Protect Your Outdoor Party From Rain And Inclement Weather

Protect Your Outdoor Party From Rain And Inclement Weather

The nice weather is here!  Barbecues, Christenings, Communions, Weddings; you name it! Summer time means party time, for most folks. Some people wait all year for the good weather to show up, in hopes of throwing a party for the ages in their backyard.

The vision in most anyone’s mind is sunny weather and clear, blue skies when planning that special outdoor event.

Just picture it; it’s the day of your big event, the sun is shining, the grass has impression lines from being freshly mowed and balloons line the property, welcoming guests as they start to arrive. Then….the sky turns dark.  Winds start to pick up, it begins to drizzle and your tablecloths start flapping in the wind.  The centerpieces start to catch air, napkins are hit the floor and it starts to rain; buckets! Your appetizers are soaked, all your chairs are drenched and your guests are running for cover. Oh no! It downpours for 15 minutes then it starts to let up. The sun starts to peek out from behind the clouds and then beats down on your rain drenched guests.  At this point you then have muddy grass where women’s heels are sinking and your punch is completely watered down from the rain.  You try to clean up the surrounding area, picking up napkins and centerpieces that were blown down from the wind and begin to dry off the tables and chairs for your guests because now the rain has stopped and the sun is back out.  Once everything is somewhat back in order, wet and muddy guests begin drying off and try to make the best of the day; when all of a sudden…it begins to rain again!  

When such weather arrives, your response may be let’s move the party indoors; or how in the world am I going to fit all of these people and the food in my house?

Don’t let those be the only options!

Its best to have a weather contingency plan because summer weather can be totally unpredictable!  Being that most everyone is plans and schedules their party or event ahead of time, predicting the weather is just impossible. If you are throwing an outdoor event, its always best to prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

To ensure your next event goes off as planned… next time, rent a tent!  A party tent is extremely versatile, acts as a beautiful backdrop while complimenting any event or party! It lets your guests know that this party is going to be a blast, no matter what Mother Nature throws our way. But what if the wind kicks up? Most tents come with side panels to be put in place to act as wind flaps and rain shields. If the evening weather brings on cooler conditions, tent heaters can be installed to heat the space.

A party tent also can be installed with tent flooring to prevent soggy ground. They also double as dance floors so that guests show off their new dance moves. Adding a runner at the entrance of the tent creates class while helping to ensure a dry entertaining space. 

Should you be concerned that your party tent may block the view of your picturesque backyard, think again! Side panels can be clear and act as windows, so you and your guests will still be able to enjoy the scenery. If the weather is nice the day of your event and you decide not to have the flaps rolled down, they can then be pulled aside and draped like curtains to act as a decorative element of your event. 

You sure can’t control the weather…but you can definitely plan for it! Rent a tent for your next event and you’ll always have a Plan B! 


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