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Rent A Tent: The Affordable Backyard Party Option

Rent A Tent: The Affordable Backyard Party Option

If you’ve decided to throw a party! Well, what’s next? You may be considering a banquet hall for your event; but why not consider renting a tent?

Ever wonder about renting a party tent but think it would be too much work? Think again…

Most party rental companies will deliver, setup and take down your party tent. Couple that with an event staff for hire, and you have a more affordable option for your next big event.

A tent rental is a unique option that offers flexibility and versatility along with affordability! 

Flexibility in the sense that you may work within your budget and also set up and decorate at your at your own pace.  A tent rental offers the ability to have your party nearly anywhere! Not to mention, if your guests are having a grand time; the party won’t have to stop. Your event won’t have set hours of venue time, and you wouldn’t be paying more to hold the event in the evening or night hours opposed to the daytime.

If you’re considering a tent rental for an upcoming wedding and need to hold a rehearsal party, why not save money and host it in the same weekend under the same tent.  You can use the tent for both events and allow the space to transform from party to party. You may even want to consider holding a breakfast under the tent for extended family and friends visiting from out of town the day after.  A tent rental is a great way to make a weekend out of an event, rather than just a few hours.

If you are considering having your tent placed in your backyard try adding different elements around the tent to dress it up; such as pavers, a fire pit and a stone entry along with some amazing landscaping to dress up the property.  This will not only enhance your event; it will enhance your home as well!  It’s a win-win!

Renting a tent allows you to hire your own vendors and not worry about those that the catering hall requires you to use. Hiring your own party staff allows you the flexibility to shop around for your own prices and styles. By hiring your own sources it will allow you to cater food to your liking and offer a more cost effective food plan for your event! 

Play with the numbers! In doing so you’ll be surprised and soon discover that renting a tent is a more affordable venue option! You might think it would be more work but event planners and party staff are happy to handle events like these start, to finish! Often clean up is even included.


Some helpful questions to ask when renting your tent may include:

  • How long is the tent rental period?
  • What is included in the rental?
  • What size tent do you recommend?What additional items do you recommend for my tent rental? (They may cost more, but are worth it and will only enhance your event) 
  • Some items may include:
    • Linens
    • Lighting
    • Draping
    • Sidewalls
    • Flooring
    • Flatware/Silverware

Most venues and banquet halls tend to look the same  Hotels, and country clubs all offer the same decor, feel and food displays.  A backyard party can be made in to most anything you dream up. Transform your blank pallet into a barn wedding; tea party, black tie, or carnival event for a fraction of the price. Working within a budget is always a factor when planning, but by renting a tent and transforming your space you won’t have to!


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