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Beverage Service

Beverage Equipment

Our Beverage Service rental selection will help to ensure none of you guests get thirsty. Whether you’re looking for a small coffee pot/server or a 100 person coffee machine, A to Z Party Rentals has you covered. We offer a variety of beverage service items perfect for parties and gatherings both big and small.

Browse our selection of beverage service rental items. Contact us and let us know if you’re looking for a specialty item that doesn’t appear below.

Beverage Service Item Price
50 Cup Coffee Maker (Deluxe) $20.00
100 Cup Coffee Maker (Deluxe) $24.00
40 Cup Coffee Maker (Regular) $18.00
Coffee Server (Stainless) $3.00
Coffee Airpot (3 Liter) $8.00
Thermos (5 Gal.) $20.00
Deluxe Thermos (5 Gal.) $20.00
Thermos (9 Gal.) $25.00
Thermos (10 Gal.) $25.00
Punch Bowl Glass (2 Gal.) $10.00
Punch Bowl Silver (2 Gal.) $45.00
Punch Bowl Stainless (2 Gal.) $10.00
Punch Bowl Stainless (3 Gal.) $12.00
Punch Bowl Stainless (7 Gal.) $20.00
Champagne Fountain (3 Gal.) $60.00
Champagne Fountain (5 Gal.) $65.00
Champagne Bucket $4.00
Champagne Bucket w/Stand $8.00

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