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Chairs and Table Rentals

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Chair Rentals


A To Z Rentals has a huge selection of chairs and tables available to rent for next event. No matter what your needs, we have various sizes and shapes to match your style and vision. Whether you would like some additional room for your next dinner party or need to provide a place to sit for your next large event, A To Z has you covered.We offer tables that are round, square, oval, rectangular, serpentine and half-round and a variety of chair styles to match. Our options can accommodate any style and size venue. Contact us for a personalized quote and if you don’t find what you need, our team will work to find the right chair and table rental options for you!
Chair Item Price
Brown Samsonite Folding $1.70
Black Samsonite Folding $2.00
Wedding White Folding $2.20
White Metal Padded $3.75
White Wood Padded $3.50
White Wedding Padded $4.00
Mahogany Chiavari Ballroom Chair w/cushion $8.00
Fruitwood $8.00
White Chiavari Ballroom Chair w/cushion $7.50
Gold Chiavari Ballroom Chair w/cushion $7.25
Chiavari Bar Stool $16.00
Kids Chairs (Various Colors) $1.60
Bar Stool w/cushion & back (32″ High) $7.50
Peacock Wedding Chair, White Rattan $30.00

table rental


Choose from our extensive stock of table rentals. We have a variety of sizes and heights including round, rectangular and square shaped tables to meet any of your needs. If you have questions about what tables are right for your party, let us know. We’ve been helping our customer throw great parties for over 30 years.
Table Item Price
6’x 18″ Conference $9.00
8’x 18″ Conference $9.00
4’x 30″ Banquet $8.50
6’x 30″ Banquet (Seats 6 – 8 ) $9.95
8’x 30″ Banquet (Seats 8 – 10) $9.95
4’x 36″ Dining $9.50
6’x 36″ Dining $12.50
8’x 36″ Dining $13.50
4’x 30″ Kids (Seats 6) $8.50
6’x 30″ Kids (Seats 10) $9.00
30″ Round $9.00
30″ Round – 42″ High $10.00
36″ Round (Seats 4) $9.00
42″ Round (Seats 6) $9.50
48″ Round (Seats 6-8) $9.95
54″ Round (Seats 8 ) $9.95
60″ Round (Seats 8-10) $10.50
72″ Round (Seats 10-12) $15.00
8’X 42″ Oval $14.00
Serpentine (1/4) Round $14.00
1/2 Round (60″ Wide) $10.50
1/4 Round (Pie Shape) $7.50
Umbrella Table
(60″ Round W/ White Umbrella)
Includes 90″ Linen Tableclocth

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