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Miscellaneous Rentals

Miscellaneous Rentals

Roll out the red carpet for your guests with our Miscellaneous party rentals. We carry several items you may not have even thought you needed! Don’t end up throwing your guests coats on the bed. A to Z works hard to accommodate all of your events needs. Contact us for a personalized quote and if you don’t find what you need, our team will work to find the right dishware for you!

Coat Rack $19.00
Hangers $.15
Easel $15.00
Wedding Arch $50.00
Raffle Drum Sm. $20.00
Lg. $30.00
Stanchion (Stainless Steel) $17.00
Red Rope (6 ft. $4.00
Candelabra 11” $10.00
Candelabra 21” $25.00
Carpet Runner (Red) 25′ $45.00
50′ $90.00
Pipe & Drape 10’ Back Section $40.00
Rollaway bed, twinsize $38.00/wk

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