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Best Time of Year To Have An Outdoor Party

Best Time of Year To Have An Outdoor Party

Parties and get-togethers can happen any time of year. No matter what the season, there’s always a reason celebrate. Whether it be a birthday, family party holiday or just time well spent with friends, everyone looks forward to the next big event.

But there’s something very endearing about summer time. The weathers warm, spirits are up and party hosts plan their gatherings outdoors. But no one says that you can’t enjoy the outdoors all year round with your party guests. You just need to prepare the right way depending on the time of year. Lets explore the benefits and drawbacks of planning and event throughout the year…



Spring can be the best time of year to throw an outdoor party! The cooler air and short days are giving way to warmer weather and blooming plants.  But just as great as spring can be, it can also be very unpredictable. We’ve all heard the saying: “April showers bring May flowers.”  If you’re planning an event during this unpredictably rainy season, don’t let a passing shower or a storm ruin your fun.  Be sure you think about what type of shelter will be available should the weather turn for the worse. Access to a house, overhang or party tent will provide a safe haven from rain should your party guests need  to get out of the rain.



Summers are when memories are made. People save up their vacation days for the time of year when the weather is warm. Kids are out of school, pools are open and the sun sets late into the evening. The best parties happen during this time of year.

But your picture perfect party can turn into a nightmare scenario if your guests are stuck out in the sun in 90 – 100 degree heat. Party tents make the perfect shelter when the weather gets hot. They provide a much needed space for guests to get out of the suns dangerous rays. They also provide a space to gather should there be a pop up rain storm.

Party tents come in many sizes and configurations. They can come with floors, side flaps and lighting. You can really bring the inside, outside, with many of the features a modern party tent provides.



The changing colors of the leaves make for a beautiful backdrop for any event! Many race to fit in one more outdoor party, before the weather turns too cold. But temps can get quite chilly in fall evenings. Proper tenting can help keep the good times going, late into the night.

With the adequate planning and a little help from your local party rental company, an affordable tent rental can help you ensure your guests have a great time no matter what mother nature throws your way.  Here once again, a tent with sidewalls really helps partygoers comfort a priority. Sidewalls will help to maintain and regulate the temperature under the tent whether it’s hot or cold. Additionally, you can either add a tent heater, fans or even air-conditioning depending on the forecast.  A good party tent allows good party host to hope for the best but properly plan for the worst. Your guests will thank you on that blustery autumn day.

Another fabulous idea would be to add a patio heater outdoors to enjoy your picturesque setting.  This would allow for guests to stay warm on cooler nights. Nothing beats a lounge area surrounded by a few freestanding heaters and a fire pit. Your guests will be able to enjoy the crisp outdoor air, regardless of how cool the autumn air gets.



Winter Wedding? A Christmas Party or New Years Eve? Imagine the snow falling while enjoying your guests under your own winter wonderland, a heated party tent.

 A tent rental in the wintertime can offer protection from the cold air, snow or rain.  Tents can be kept warm with tent heaters and sidewalls. When folks are cooped up all season long, what better way to get them excited with a winter party or event.

Candles and outdoor firepits and chimineas go wonderfully in adding a special ambiance of the winter party.

While winter months can be a unique time to host an outdoor party,  you should also be sure to consider some complications that can arise.  Although a tent would be great for keeping a flurry or a dusting of snow off of your guests, a snowstorm or blizzard may not protect them sufficiently.  Tents generally cannot withstand a heavy snowfall and gusty winds. These weather conditions may prevent your party from taking place as a snow filled roof is definitely a safety concern.  Consider providing an alternative weather date on the invitation if possible, allowing you to choose the right weather for you’re next winter gathering.

Whatever month you may be planning your event in, A-Z has you covered.!  We are Long Island’s event and tent rental specialists and can help you create the perfect outdoor event, no matter what the season.! Contact one of our event planners today to get started in booking your next event!




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