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Top 7 Outdoor Party Rental Considerations

Top 7 Outdoor Party Rental Considerations

When planning an outdoor party, it’s important to consider the comfort of your guests. The whole point is to make sure your party goers have a good time, so preparing ahead is key to ensuring your event goes off without a hitch. Let’s discuss some of the more important items an outdoor party host needs to consider.

The Tent

When planning for an outdoor event, it’s impossible to know ahead of time if the weather will cooperate when the big day arrives.  In order to ensure a successful party, no matter what Mother Nature decides to throw at you, consider a party tent to protect guests from the elements. A tent rental helps to create shelter for your guests from rain or harsh weather. It also creates a shady area for partygoers to commiserate, all while providing you piece of mind that your guests are comfortable outside, during the day or night. Tent’s come in various sizes and shapes, suited to fit anyone’s budget. The best thing is, a good party rental company will setup and take down your tent as part of the cost, leaving you more time to focus on your guests and enjoy the big day.


People need a place to sit! There are quite a few options when it comes to chairs depending on what type of event you’re having. Different options typically include folding to more formal chairs that are wooden or metal.  Sofas, lounge areas, bar stools; etc., may also be appealing and serve to enhance your guest’s experience.  Setting up and sketching a floor plan is a great way to get an idea of what your party will look like.  This will allow you to assign designated areas for stations, such as eating, bar, buffet and dance floor. It will also better help you to decide on seating arrangements, table placement and general flow inside and outside of the tent.


Select table rentals come in different sizes, shapes, and length. Dependent upon your guest count and the overall size and space of your event, understanding different table options and configurations will help you make the most of your party space. Positioning different sizes and shapes of tables throughout the tent will serve functionally while being aesthetically pleasing to the eye.  


Linens are considered tablecloths, napkins and chair covers. If it’s an informal event, feel free to use paper plates & napkins. This is a good way to make clean up easy. For ore of a formal event, consider your theme and color scheme. Your party rental company will usually have many different options when it comes to party linens. They can often help you and make recommendations based on experience as well.

Place Settings and Glassware

Make sure to pay special attention when it comes to decisions around plates, flatware and glasses. Here again, plastic cups, plates and flatware are affordable and easy to dispose of once the party’s complete. If your event is a wedding or something a little more formal, you may want to opt for fancier china or stemware. There are typically many options and varieties to choose from. When making choices, balance functionality against place settings that match your party theme. Speaking with your event planner or party rental company will help you determine quantities based on your head count.

Heating & Cooling

Weather often fluctuates quite a bit throughout the day. A tent is a great tool to offer you and your guests shade for the hottest part of the day. Several fans will keep the air moving, ensuring your guests stay comfortable and cool. Some tents even come with sidewalls and cooling systems, for even more temperature control. If you’re having a formal event and your party guests are wearing suits and gowns, controlling the climate inside your tent might be something to consider. On the flip side, when the weather is cooler, keeping guests warm under your tent is an option as well.  Tent rental companies have the ability to setup portable tent heaters along with side flaps. This ensures that the tent stays warm, as the weather gets cooler. There are a few design options for side flaps such as; panels with windows, clear panels, etc.  When it comes to the side flaps be sure to ask what is available for a pareticular tent and choose the design that best suits your events needs. While you’re at it, a sub floor is a great accessory to add to your tent configuration. It will ensure your guests can move about comfortably without sinking into the grass. If folks will be wearing dress shoes and heels, a good subfloor is a must. Don’t forget the dance floor when making discussing sub floor options.


Lighting not only allows your guest to see at night, but also sets the ambiance of your event.  Nothing looks better than a party tent, all lit up at night. Your guests will be drawn to the illuminated shelter, that you’ve so thoughtful to prepared for them. Tent rental companies have several options when it comes to tent lighting. Remember to ask for dimmers to ensure you’re able to create the right mood, as the sun goes down. Having a rough sketch of your floor plan will help your party rental specialist place tent lighting in the right areas.


There are many choices when it comes to setting up a backyard party. Speaking with one of our party rental planners will help you to understand options and costs. Please tell us about your next big event. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.



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